Wednesday, February 12, 2014

This Week: Maintenance

I apologize for the late posting of the Videos of the Week for last week, but better late than never. Ain't that right Plan B? Anyway, this week I'll use for some site maintenance and come back next week with a new Top 5. In the meantime, enjoy the Arcade promo of Casey Rigney.

Every time I think of Casey Rigney, I want to have him in my list of Top 5 favorite skaters. He's just so underground that unfortunately he doesn't pop up in conversation or into my head as often as some other skaters. Much like the time when I was writing about the skaters that need to Return to the Radar or the NYC Courthouse Ledge - see the last trick above. He's put out some incredible parts and has elite pop, probably the most underrated pop out there, just look at the first two ollies in the promo. And he still manages to get creative and gnarly with his pop too (like at 0:41 or 1:24 respectively). Trick selection, style, pop, and even a great spot selection, he's got it all. A new video part from him this year would be too nice.

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