Sunday, January 26, 2014

Next Week: NYC Courthouse Ledge

Similar to the week dedicated to SF's Clipper hubba, this week will be all about the famous NYC Courthouse Ledge. What's awesome about this spot is that there are numerous ways to skate it, which will be explored more this week. But one thing's consistent no matter how you skate it: you're going to be taking a big drop. Quartersnacks has a nice quick rundown of the spot itself, and I plan on exploring the tricks done at this one-of-a-kind ledge. Now categorizing each post this week will not be done too specifically. It's hard to take care of Top 5 best tricks at the spot, same for top 5 skaters, so I have my own method of picking a Top 5 for this iconic spot. Stay tuned and be ready for some gnarly and memorable moments from this spot!

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