Monday, November 18, 2013

Clipper #5: Forrest Edwards

After your "basic" fliptricks into grinds (kickflip, nollie heel, etc.) the 360 flip is probably the next in line for the progression and usually done to 50-50. Forrest nails what is now a standard hubba trick (especially for him) down Clipper in his One in a Million episode. This alone is a pretty solid addition to Clipper's trick history, but I'd prefer Jamie Thomas's impossible 50-50 over the 360 flip version any day. That's where Forrest comes in with the 360 flip 5-0 grind at 2:40 in his Unhinged part above. Taking the 360 flip to anything other than 50-50 seems to add a whole new dimension to the gnarliness of the trick. Being able to catch the tre and still lock in the back truck with enough control to balance through the grind is super impressive, so the steezy showboating rollaway makes it that much better. Major props to Forrest for nailing this sick trick down the famous Clipper ledge! (And for going pro for Threat after coming out with tons of crazy clips through parts like Unhinged and Wild Power)

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