Monday, October 28, 2013

SOTY 2013 Contender #5: Clint Walker

When someone drops a video part this gnarly, there's no doubt it deserves to be on repeat for a while. I'm still watching this part today, which says a lot for being released with an online video. Clint's quick-to-spring-back-into-normal-riding-posture style is really unique but works extremely well with his skating. With the right amount of heelflips and kickflips, slides and grinds, and single bangers and hard lines, the part really comes together as one of the best of the year easily. I could list the craziness in just about every single clip in the part, but for sake of quality over quantity, my absolute favorites were the about-to-be-kicked-out triple set ollie body varial, the extremely long and gnarly bump to street gap kickflip, and the ender 50-50 through hell, all at the end of the part. Words cannot describe the testicular fortitude it must take to handle those tricks, but that's what Clint does best, and I absolutely praise him for it.
The great editing from the guys at Ambig for the full Modern Art video definitely helped make Clint's part an instant classic and it also helps with his run for SOTY to have additionally dropped this part for a Red Bull Interview with some bonus tricks.

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