Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Skating the Unskateable #3: Jake Ruiz

Now I've only really seen a few commercials/ads and one single part from Jake, but man did he stick out the first time I saw his Where Are We Going? part (above). The first handrail he skates is absolutely insane. The curvature is hard enough just to hold onto while walking down, but throw in a couple of kinks to mess with you and skating it seems like a fantasy. Apparently not for Jake though because he is a destroyer of all handrails in their craziest forms. The board just seems to lock in perfectly to his rail tricks and stick with his feet as if glued on. The rail at 0:38 even is visually deceptive with its mini but plentiful kinks that no doubt feel unreal when grinding down them.  And then his penultimate trick at 3:34 is a 50-50 down a handrail where the first few kinks in the handrail (and the ones nearby) make it looks completely bent out of shape. But Jake seems to enjoy skating these jagged handrails. Granted, while he absolutely annihilates handrails, there were only a few select spots in the part that qualify him towards skating the unskateable. That's where his Thunder trucks ad comes into play, because Jake Knows how to make a ridiculous spot approachable. The 10 kink roller coaster of a grind alone puts Jake on the map for skating the unskateable. And even more recently was his Ambig Introduction Ad (just the picture, but I use that lightly because it's still mind-blowing) which appears at first glance to be the backside version of his 50-50 opener from Where Are We Going? I could be wrong there but regardless, hitting a rail that curvy, without even considering hitting it backside, is definitely something new in skateboarding these days. So it's safe to say I am extremely looking forward to what Jake comes up with in the future as far as skating spots that should probably be in an amusement park.

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