Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ams that Should be Pro #3: Davis Torgerson

Davis Torgerson always comes through with really impressive, quality footage.  I am going to highlight his part in Boondoggle above because it is still my favorite part from Davis, despite its age and plenty of other great parts that he has put out. He's got an incredibly smooth and natural style, tons of fliptricks (did you see him in BATB 4?), quick and light feet that make for some buttery landings for almost all of his tricks, a wide array of ledge/rail tricks in any stance, skateboarding's best electrical box skating abilities I'd say, and a very underestimated pop (just look at the huge ollie at 4:20 for proof). Some of my favorite tricks from this part include the picture perfect tuck knee at 2:14, the nollie inward heel at 3:04 that crosses my eyes on the flick and catch, which is followed by a fluid front blunt 360 shove, and the switch flip wallride at 3:36 (doing it regular would be pleasing enough, but switch?! that's still hard to fathom).  Already, I think Davis is loaded with the best qualities for a good and entertaining skater, but I think his most useful asset yet would be a super solid nollie.  The line at 0:51 exemplifies this (he's got one of the best nollie back feebles too), along with many other sweet nollie flip and grind tricks.  And it's because of this skill that Davis was able to invent the nollie frontside hurricane as his Boondoggle ender so wonderfully demonstrates. (Props to Luan for probably being the first to document the backside version.)
This part alone I'd say should have definitely put Davis on the fast track to professionalism, but given that it was his first big part it's definitely understandable that he would have to wait some years.  So along the way Davis updates his Boondoggle part with Flow Trash to show how much fun he can have skating while still displaying his precision skill set, followed by another high caliber part in Since Day One (memorable authoritative stomp on a fakie flip in a line, a mentally twisting fakie ollie switch feeble down a handrail, and quite possibly the best bump to bar backside wallride ever), only to come out with more great footage with his Berrics Recruit part (nollie 540 and switch inward heel anyone?) and his Pushing Minnesota part for Real (switch back smith ender was sick!).  The fact that he has not turned pro along this road of destruction is baffling to me, especially since we know Real is still into turning people pro.  Nothing against Jake Donnelly, he deserves it too, but I'd say Davis deserves it more for his contributions to technical handrail skating and his consistently fun and admirable video parts.  He REALly needs to go pro soon.

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